Never Think Twice About Wearing Premium Designer Fashion Once

What’s the price per wear for the clothing in your closet?

Most of us spend the most on the clothing we wear the least. We buy outfits for weddings, parties and special events only to wear them once. Even if we get great deals, buying and throwing away low-cost clothes doesn’t offer much value for your money…
However, the real cost of the apparel you buy, wear once and throw away, is paid buy our planet, wildlife and future generations. The fashion industry has one of the worst environmental footprints in the world right now.  

“So while we’re stuck in a spiral of paying overprice for cheap looking clothing, our environment is suffering the consequences of overconsumption.”

— Over a dinner in October 2019, that ethical dilemma grew into the idea for a sustainable fashion channel…

Save money, wardrobe space and our planet at the same time!

Fast forward to April 2020, COVID19 has send the entire world on lockdown… Our founder, Christina Z., was facing a dilemma: She had been put in charge of finding ways to sell more clothing online. — But that would only escalade the environmental issues posed by the fashion industry.
By May, she had made the decision to quit fashion retail and launch Runway Closet, an online designer fashion rental site. Now, fashionistas could have access to high end designer clothing at a fraction of the retail price.  

Wear an outfit once with a clean conscience

When you rent, you only pay for the clothes you wear, not those just hanging in your closet. Suddenly you can afford high-end designer couture without investing thousands of euros.

“Being fashionable has never had a smaller environmental footprint.”

The world’s most versatile designer wardrobe

Imagine having a wardrobe full of premium designer clothing, so you always have something new to wear. Something that impresses at events or in your social feeds, without a price tag that guilts you into wearing the same outfit multiple times. That’s the basic idea behind Runway Closet — you wear the clothing, we take care of storage, dry-cleaning, protecting the environment and all the rest!

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